I am humbled by and grateful for the following testimonials. THANK YOU! 

Evelyn Greer, First Mayor of Pinecrest:

"I strongly endorse Katie Abbott for re-election as a Pinecrest Councilmember.  She is smart and thoughtful, makes intelligent decisions after hearing all sides, is very careful with our tax dollars, is a former PTA president and school supporter and is responsive to our residents.    This calm, friendly, honest person is what we need in Pinecrest!"

David Lawrence Jr., Children’s Advocate and Retired Miami Herald Publisher:

‘Katie Abbott is a FINE example of a first-rate public servant – someone with both wisdom and great human values.”


Dr. Larry Feldman, Former School Board Member:

"It is obvious from your sphere of influence that your compassionate heart, spirit of integrity and ethical North Star have guided your decisions these past 3.5 years. It is well known that you work for the people and do so willingly and with any expectations of reward or payment. You are a service leader that sets the bar for others just beyond their reach."

Robbie Mazer, 2019-2020 YAC Chair: 
"Councilwoman Abbott is a caring, thoughtful, and compassionate leader. Having worked closely with her during my time on the Youth Advisory Council as Chairman and in other leadership roles, I can firmly attest to her experience, determination, and genuine kindness. She cares so much about the youth in our community and works incredibly hard to make Pinecrest the amazing place that it is."

Abe Ng, Owner of Sushi Maki:

“Katie and I have been friends going on four decades since our time at Miami Palmetto Senior High. In recent years, I have loved and appreciated her service to our community. She has been instrumental in helping our family enjoy a terrific quality of life as we have grown our business and raised our family here in Pinecrest."


Mark Crofton, Florida Trustee, The Nature Conservancy:

"I endorse Katie because she cares about our community. Having grown up here and raising her kids here means that she is vested in the long term success of Pinecrest. She's smart, focused and accessible and I know she has our best interests at heart." 


Gina Vinueza, Public School Advocate:

"For the last four years, Katie Abbott has supported responsible community growth, advocated for excellence in our schools, mentored student community leaders, and kept an open line of communication with Village residents. We need her continued voice in the Village Council. Katie is unique in her ability to listen with an open mind and courtesy- so often lacking in today’s world. She is a strong advocate for the values she holds dear and is able to balance the need for progress with the desire to keep Pinecrest the family-friendly village that it is. I hope voters recognize all that Katie brings to Pinecrest and re-elect her in November!

Daniel Solomon, Pinecrest City Music Project Director:

“For the past four years – and decades prior – Vice Mayor Abbott has served as a steadfast visionary and advocate in shaping our local Pinecrest community. Through her highly effective leadership, empathy and compassion, and true genuine passion for serving our community, there is nobody more qualified and suited to serve as our Councilmember.”


Michael Brooks, Pinecrest Resident:

"I have gotten to know Katie Abbott since our kids were at Pinecrest Elementary school. She was always active at the school. She was also an amazing mother. But I really got to know her much better when she became a commissioner for the Village of Pinecrest. Shortly after she became a commissioner, I was taking my usual walk when I saw garbage in the canals on 104 St. I sent her an email and had a response within ten minutes. I told her about my concerns, and within another ten minutes the person in charge of cleaning the canals called me to find out where the problem was. The next day, the canals were clean. Every time I see or talk with Katie, the first thing she does is ask me if there is anything I think we need in Pinecrest. She’s always looking for ideas to improve the Village and I appreciate that immensely. I’ve lived in Pinecrest for 22 years and she is the first representative to ever ask for my input. I believe she is an amazing asset to our community, and I support her candidacy while heartedly. "