I was elected in November of 2018 and am now serving in my fourth year on Pinecrest Council. I am currently the Vice Mayor of Pinecrest. It is a nonpartisan position and Councilmembers get no compensation in Pinecrest. 

It has been an honor serving with my fellow Councilmembers and working with our incredibly knowledgeable staff. I am very proud of all we have accomplished, especially considering what we went through as a government during the last few years of COVID, including all we did to support our residents, staff, and businesses during very challenging times. 

As Councilmembers, we do not always agree, but we respect and listen to each other and we get hard things done. We also respect and welcome input from our residents.

Pinecrest Today

Currently, Pinecrest is experiencing its lowest crime rates in history. Property values are at historically high levels. Niche.com has ranked Pinecrest the best suburb of Miami-Dade County, the 7th largest county in the United States. People are moving here in record numbers for Pinecrest's large and beautiful lot sizes, its amazing public and private school offerings, and concierge-key offerings and services. Our job as Councilmembers is to focus on smart growth, at the same time be cognizant of maintaining its uniqueness and charm. 

Accomplishments on Council

Below (in no particular order) is a small sampling of matters that I sponsored or supported while on Council:


  • Always voting in favor of any police-related facility improvement, security enhancement, or training

  • Support our Crime Watch Program and have personally served 5+ years as my neighborhood Co-Captain

  • Encourage and support our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) to visit our police station and volunteer at police-sponsored events


Families and Education

  • Proud to be a 4-year Co-Coordinator of our 24-member Youth Advisory Council, consisting of students in grades 8-12 (public and private schools), who live in Pinecrest

  • Support Pinecrest's grant program awarding $10,000 annually to each of our five area public schools to better our children's educational offerings

  • Participate as a member (Co-Chair in 2020) of the Pinecrest Mayor's Educational Advisory Council, which meets monthly with Principals, District Representatives, PTSA leaders, and community members

  • Dedicated to constantly learn through Committee appointments, including former School Board Member Dr. Feldman's appointments to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools' Student Services Advisory Committee and the Miami Dade County Public Schools' Safety and Security Task Force

  • Dedicated to ongoing learning and collaboration with other National leaders through a National League of Cities Appointment to the Federal Council on Youth, Education, and Families Committee

Social Issues

  • Support and participate in our wise elders' Pioneer programming, including their biannual luncheons

  • Suggested and supported a Proclamation declaring April 'Pride Month' in Pinecrest

  • Work with SAVE LGBT on ongoing initiatives in Pinecrest

  • Oversee and help coordinate the Youth Advisory Council's ongoing YOUth Series of workshops for teens, discussing topics of interest to our youth. YAC won the Youth Community Service Contest Award from the Florida League of Cities in 2021 for these efforts

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Worked with Council and staff for over two years during the COVID pandemic to ensure financial stability within our Village. Supported and helped advertise aid-based resources for our Pinecrest businesses as a result of COVID-related effects

  • Work with Council and staff for many months and in many meetings on our award-winning Annual Budget

  • Maintained a consistent milage rate for our residents


  • Always vote in favor of supporting our award-winning programming and public art installations at Pinecrest Gardens

  • Supported the formation of Friends of Pinecrest Gardens (and am currently a Board Member), a 501(c)(3) organization, established to support ongoing and future growth of our beautiful gardens


Healthy Lifestyles

  • Supported the purchase of Gary Matzner Park, a beautiful piece of property in a prime location in North Pinecrest (plans for park TBD)

  • Always voting in favor of ongoing improvements to parks and playgrounds, including ADA improvements and making our facilities a place that people of all abilities can enjoy

  • Always voting in favor or environmentally-sound improvements at our parks, such as replacing lights with LED

  • Supported the creation and opening of Pinecrest's first dog park, Pawcrest

Please see the About section of this web site for more information about my experience and background.


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Photo: Village of Pinecrest


Photo: Village of Pinecrest


Photo: Village of Pinecrest