Pinecrest has come a long way since my first election at Palmetto Middle (Junior High!)  in 8th grade in 1987. Pinecrest today is an amazing place to live and raise a family. It is important to keep that trend going, as well as address the issues that have to be worked on.

If I were elected to the Pinecrest Council, my goals would be to:

  • Be your voice in Pinecrest. That includes listening to what the people want and enforcing legislation that would allow Pinecrest residents to continue to thrive. 

  • Come to a solution regarding current matters Pinecrest is currently facing, including mobility, water, and power line issues.

  • Continue my support of the local police. Action speaks louder than words. Several years ago, after being burglarized myself, I helped start a neighborhood Crime Watch on my street and I continue to be a Co-Captain. I have met with our Chief of Police, gone on a station tour, and went on a ride-along with Officer Oliva. I have also worked with our police force over the years though their school DARE programs, school safety initiatives, as well as invited them to come to PTA/PTSA meetings to speak about Village safety. 


  • Support the needs of residents of various ages and abilities. This includes my continuing support of the Village’s public schools in order to provide a first class education to our children. Our Village schools are one of the top reasons people move to Pinecrest. Whether you personally have children in our public schools or not, the quality of our public schools is directly correlated with our home values and community worth. I also support the continuation and expansion of programs for seniors, including mobility options and programming at the Community Center.

  • Growth is happening whether we want it or not. I will concentrate on mobility and sustainability issues. Traffic and growth is only going to increase in the years ahead of us, and it is imperative that we work with the county and neighboring municipalities on how we can best address this continued growth in our community, while still maintaining Pinecrest's charm.

In all, I stand for continuing the trend of keeping Pinecrest a community in which families and residents can come together and flourish to the best of their ability.