I’m Katie Abbott and I’m the proud At-Large Councilmember for Pinecrest, Florida.

I know Pinecrest. I grew up in Pinecrest (even before it was Pinecrest), and am an alumna of Palmetto Elementary, Palmetto Middle, and Palmetto High School. My first election in Pinecrest took place in 8th grade. Throughout my school years, I held a leadership position every year, graduating from Palmetto High School as Student Council President.


For my undergraduate degree I headed off to Duke, then Columbia for my Master’s degree. After, I worked in New York City at Scholastic Publishing, then moved with my husband and two children to Charlotte, N.C. and finally, with them, back to Pinecrest in 2008.

I have served the community for many years already and very much enjoy doing it.  I just finished my 4th year of the PTSA/PTA Presidency, two years at Palmetto Middle School and two years  at Pinecrest Elementary. I have been on PTSA/PTA Boards for the last 6 years. During my leadership, I helped raise over half a million dollars ($511,208.00)  for our local schools. In addition, for 2018-2019 I am a proud Board member of the Palmetto High School PTSA, as well as the middle school. These PTSA/PTAs aren’t small organizations. The are large non-profits, consisting of a 8-12 person Board,  30+ committees, and hundreds of volunteers. As President, I oversaw the entire organization and  helped plan and maintain the annual expenditures successfully.

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Click here to read the article about my campaign in the Florida Villager. 

As for direct experience with the Village government, this is my second year of being appointed by Mayor Corradino to the Village of Pinecrest Zoning Board. I am also an organizer and  Co-Captain of our Neighborhood Crime Watch. For two years I was on the Planning Committee for Fashion in the Gardens, which was a Village-sponsored fundraiser for Pinecrest public schools. I attend monthly Mayor’s Educational Advisory Committee Meetings and am a member of Palmetto Middle School’s Educational Excellence School Advisory Council (EESAC). I also am a volunteer for this year's Pinecrest Youth Advisory Council


Here is some more information about me:


I am loyal and hard-working. After leaving the Scholastic office in New York City, I freelanced for a total of 15+ years with Scholastic, all while raising a family and serving the community in the various roles mentioned above. For over 10 years I have also volunteered my time to Duke University, annually interviewing  prospective students. Since I filed my campaign paperwork nine months ago, I have attended Council meetings, Community Informational Meetings, Budget and Transportation Meetings, and more, to learn the issues. 

Issues related to famiies and seniors are important to me. My parents still live in the Pinecrest house I grew up in, and I am well aware of their generation’s needs. Enabling multiple generations to live in the same community and offering opportunities for persons of all ages and ability levels is important to me.

Promoting wellness and advocating for keeping our parks, Pinecrest Gardens, the Community Center and other venues of physical development available for persons of all ages and abilities is something I deeply care about. Staying in shape is one of the best ways we can keep all of our community members healthy mentally and physically. I am currently on the Board for South Florida Triathletes (Team Hammerheads), which supports athletes of all abilities and ages to live a healthy lifestyle. I am a seven-time marathoner and have participated in many triathlons and running races of multiple distances. My favorite events are multiple-day endurance events. In 2017, I was a Ragnar Relay Ambassador, with the goal of spreading the joy of running to everyone.


In November 2018 I was elected to the At-Large Councilmember Seat and am thrilled to serve the community. Please do not hesitate contacting me. I am here to serve you. 

Thank You!


Ironman 70.3 - Raleigh, NC,


The Martinez-Abbott Family

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